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The First Dickson

Symington House, South Lanarkshire


Leitholm Peel and Bughtrig

Early 14th c. - Late 19th c.

Bughtrig House, Scottish Borders

Bughtrig House, Scottish Borders


Early 16th c. - Early 19th c.

Thomas Dickson
Lord Hazelside, Castellan of Castle Douglas

Tradition states Thomas was the first "Dickson," born in 1247.  Thomas was the son of Richard "Dick" de Keith, and grandson of William, 3rd Lord Douglas.  Thomas Dickson associated with William Wallace, was granted the barony of Hazelside and named Castellan of Castle Douglas. Thomas is said to have died Palm Sunday 1307 in defense of an English attack on Castle Douglas.  


Thomas's son, also Thomas Dickson, was styled Lord Hazelside and Symington, after acquiring the latter barony in recognition of his father's defense of Castle Douglas.  As a result, many of Thomas's descendants adopted the surname Symington.

Patrick Dickson
of Hedrig

Patrick, likely a brother or cousin of Thomas, was in possession of Hedrig as early as 1300. He was first of the branch often described as Chief of the Dickson's.  Patrick's descendants would acquire Leitholm Peel (a nearby towerhouse) and eventually Buchtrig House.  Buchtrig would remain in the Dickson family more than 300 years, and Bughtrig Dickson's often appeared first in various lists of attendance to indicate their distinction as principals of the family.


Other estates owned by the descendants of Patrick Dickson of Hedrig include Lochrigs, Halfland, Brewland, Hassendeanburn, Horsley Hill, Huntlaw, Chatto, Alton, Chisholme, and Housebyres.

John Dickson
of Belchester

John Dickson was likely a relative of Thomas Dickson, too.  Along with nearby Buchtrig, Dickson's of Belchester were identified as principals of the family.  They would reside at Belchester more than 300 years.

Kilbucho and Hartree

Early 16th c. - Late 19th c.

Robert Dickson
and Anne Eccles of that Ilk

Robert Dickson married Anne Eccles in the beginning of the 16th century, resulting in one of the most illustrious and well documented branches of the Dickson family.  In addition to acquiring the estates of Kilbucho, Whitslaid, and Hartree, notable members of this family include Reverend David Dickson, the Glasgow University-educated Scottish divine, and William Dickson, M.P., Brigardier General, and Lieutenant Governor.

Hartree House, Scottish Borders

Interactive Map

Hartree House, Scottish Borders

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"Landed" Dickson's


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