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Clan Keith

Traditionally, the Dicksons are a sept of Clan Keith, led by James William Falconer Keith, 14th Earl of Kintore and Chief of Clan Keith.


Family legend states a warrior of the Germanic Chatti tribe killed the Danish General Camus at the Battle of Barrie in 1010.  For his valor, Malcolm II of Scotland dipped three fingers in the blood of Camus and drew them down the warrior's shield, naming him "Marbhachair Chamuis," or Camus Slayer.  Since then, the Chief of Clan Keith has worn three red lines on his shield.


Following Malcolm II's victory at the Battle of Carham in 1018, Camus Slayer's heirs were granted charter of the Keith barony in East Lothian.  Scots-Norman adventurer Harvey was the first to take the surname Keith and be named Knight Marischal.


Later, Robert the Bruce would grant the royal Halforest of Aberdeenshire and hereditary office of Earl Marischal of Scotland to Robert de Keith.  Through battle and marriage, the Keiths would acquire additional estates in Buchan, Kincardine, Lothian and Inverugie.  The Keiths founded the Marischal College in Aberdeen in 1593.  The family was elevated in the Peerage of Scotland again, in 1677, with the Earldom of Kintore.  


After supporting the Jacobite rising of 1715, the 10th Earl Marischal, George Keith, and his brother, James, forfeited their vast estates and most titles, including Earl Marischal.

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